Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Occupational Therapy

Finally.  Finally we went to his first Occupational Therapy appointment.  After the evaluation we chose three goals we want to work on first.

Goal One:
For Eli to stop throwing tantrums in the bathtub.

The Problem:
So I don't know when this started--but it has at least been 2 years that it's been going on--every. single. bath. time.  Let's just say it's a PAIN to give him a bath & if I could I'd bathe him once a week.  This is what happens without fail--Eli is excited to get into the bath & wants sister to get in as well.  They play with their toys and he is just fine, then it is time to soap him up.  And the WHOLE time while soaping his hair & body & then rinsing him off, he is screaming like it hurts.  Again, every. single. time.  So when she told me that she can help with this--(I hope after reading what he does) that you can imagine my pure joy if what she does REALLY will cure him of his tantrums!!  She said it can be somewhat of a sensory overload & he can't deal with it, so this is his reaction.  So hopefully we can get those sensory problems in order. :)

Goal Two:
Help Eli try new things at the dinner table.

The Problem:
He WON'T try anything new.  It doesn't matter if it's chocolate chip cookies.  He won't try them if he hasn't had them before and know he likes them.  It doesn't matter if it's a Snickers bar--trust me he will NOT try it if it's not one of his "regulars."  So not only is my son an extremely picky eater--since birth, but he is also on the small size.  So I'd LOVE for him to eat more at breakfast, lunch, & dinner with dessert in between each meal. ;)

Goal Three:
Help Eli socialize better & get used to big group scenarios.

The Problem:
I think crowded areas, crowded family parties Eli has a hard time adjusting and playing with a big group.  I actually think he does pretty well at a park, with a few cousins, or a play date.  And actually with starting the gluten free diet--this is something that I have seen improvement on with the big group get togethers.  But of course there is still room for improvement.

Some of the fun things Eli got to do at Occupational Therapy!

The tire swing was his favorite!  I REALLY want one at home--too bad we don't have a big enough tree...  His therapist's name is Erin at the Ogden Primary Children's Rehab Center.  This first time, he really wanted to open the closet and get all the toy's out--it didn't help that he remembered the evaluation where I talked to Erin while he did whatever he wanted.  So asking him to do things was pretty tough at times--but once he listened he loved the activity.  We will go about once a week for a month to get him in a routine, then every other week after that.  I had a lot of fun because I got to play with him as well & I am hoping to see progress in the goals we made.  

She gave me homework--which I LOVE.  Cuz I LOVE being told what to do, for the most part that is.. 
But this blog is meant to keep me on my toes--so I am going to write down what I am going to do this week & you make sure I do them. :)

She gave me a huge sheet with information and activities & told me to choose an activity in each 'sensation', to do with him once a day.  I haven't read through the paper yet to know which each certain sensation means but this is what I have chosen to do:

PROPRIOCEPTIVE SENSATION: play on pull-up bars.  Haven't got these out for awhile, but Eli use to always play on these & once had a bad experience--hopefully by now he has forgotten and we can put them up in the doorway to play on tomorrow!

PRESSURE-TOUCH SENSATION: Play "steam-roller"--roll over each other while lying on the ground.  Pressure-touch is something Eli--CRAVES & NEEDS.  It's just obvious in the bear hugs he asks for multiply times during the day.  And his love of wrestling.  Often at times after giving him a big bear hug, he says, "thanks."

TACTILE SENSATION: Provide and receive foot, head, back, hand, and body massage.  He LOVES his whole body being scratched--but I will massage!  With the activity ideas for this sensation--I will have to prepare something next week to switch it up.

VESTIBULAR SENSATION: Do somersaults.  He used to be able to do these, but hasn't for a very long time.  I will work on these with him & hopefully make it fun with him and his little sis!

K so this is my homework each day to do with him!  I like it.  It is written down & I will schedule it in. One thing I was reading about Occupational Therapy is that for success you must go home and do your 'homework!'


P.S. I made an "about us" page--check it out if you wish!


  1. What are some of his "regular" foods item? My young brother in law only likes pizza, cereal, and quesadillas depending on the brand. Little by little he tries things but it's hard when people don't understand and want to force him.

    1. Luckily Eli likes more than three things! He likes pancakes, French toast, or bacon for breakfast. Ham, hot dogs, spaghetti, or pizza for everything else. Eats most fruit & carrots. But I can't get him to try rice, potatoes, soup, or anything that's not one of his staples. So he gets an ok variety--but I'd LOVE for him to just take one bite & then decide if he doesn't like it. But that's wishful thinking cuz in reality I was a VERY picky eater as a kid as well. I agree though--I can't force anything down him or it makes it worse!