Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference

I was really scared for Parent Teacher Conference--scared of bad news, no hope for his future, and him not improving.  But boy was I wrong!  Even though his improvements weren't huge--I am just so so grateful he is making progress.  He was able to recognize more alphabet letters & at least trace his name among some of his new skills learned at preschool.
He has a hard time sharing and playing with the other boys--but I hope over time that only gets better.  I need to try harder doing play dates for my kids...
It was SO nice talking to his speech therapist, as she told me her girl is on the spectrum and is in her 20's & has a job and a life.  It gives me hope, she said her daughter needs more support compared to the rest of her kids--but I am SO okay with that.  I am OK with things taking longer.  I know I need to learn patience & be happy with the little progress he makes & be grateful he makes progress.  Because some kids don't & his trial could be a lot worse.  I am so glad he can run, jump, and climb!
And me being worried about sending him to school--because he can't tell me what happens about his day is not a problem with his preschool.  He is in good hands.  I felt the love his teacher has for him & that made my day.  Thanks to those who work with our little ones & love them for who they are.

I wanted to share a little bit about our Christmas.  Every year since he was 2--I would think, "this is the year he will know who Santa is & what Santa brings & what Christmas Eve means." (As in Christmas Eve means gifts will come the next morning!)  But no he didn't.  He has improved on that he know's wrapped gifts means there is something special underneath and he is excited to open it.  I don't even have to say, "This gift is from Santa, or mark gifts a certain way, and this year I didn't even do stockings (I know that's the BEST part) but I didn't because it wasn't needed. 
So lets all cross our fingers that Eli will understand Christmas a little better this next time around.  Be a little excited Christmas Eve & can't sleep because he knows he gets gifts in the morning!! It'd be nice for him to tell me what he wants for Christmas & what his thoughts are on Santa..  But I wanted to share this- to help you understand where his understanding is & hope that as years go on he keeps progressing.  I will be letting you know :) 

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday.  Parent Teacher Conference made my day & I wanted to share his little successes & the fact that improvement is better than no improvement. 


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Little Things

Today I had to share something that made me so proud.  Eli has brought tons of artwork home from school & what usually happens is I get the artwork out of his book bag & will say, "wow, this looks awesome bud" & then ask him something about the picture.  But he will have no comment, he may smile and acknowledge his work but for the most part no reaction.  Actually the only thing I get out of him about school is, "bus."  Everyday I ask him how was school and he says, "bus."  I can ask about the boys at school or the teacher but the only thing I know about his day at school is he rode the bus.  Which is kind of scary & sad to put your trust into this system & hope that he is treated fairly because I will never know if he isn't, unless he comes home with bumps & bruises.  Anyhow, that is not even my point right now.  Wow--off subject.

So today he brings home this picture from church:

And I say something like- "awesome job Eli, can you tell me about your picture?"  And I know for a fact I didn't say anything about the plan of happiness or anything about happy-- and he says, "Happy!!" With a huge smile on his face.  It brought tears to my eyes, I was so happy!!  And yes this is something a 2 year old could reply to--which a mother could understand why I was so thrilled that finally my 4 year old replied to a question about one of his pictures.  And it's small things like this that give me hope.  Because in all honesty, sometimes in the very back of my heart I wonder if my boy is mentally handicap--not to say that he isn't or won't ever be diagnosed this.  But if we keep making progress, then I can hope for a better tomorrow.

So I have been hesitant on sharing my experience on craniosacral therapy--just because it is not a "doctor" prescribed activity.  And I still haven't done a lot of research on it.  But a relative of mine told me that she see's someone who does craniosacral  therapy on her & this therapist works with kids who have autism.  So I looked it up a little and thought what the heck!  Her therapist is in Logan & it took awhile to get in once I called because she was booked, which I consider a good sign.  So while my Grandma watched Charlotte, Eli & I drove up to Logan.  This was the day of the 3pm huge winter storm we just had & our appointment was at 2.  (I won't be driving during a storm again.)  The main reason I didn't do a lot of research, is because I wanted to experience it--trust my gut instincts & just go by what I felt.  And I have to admit, I loved it.  I was in the room with Eli & it's a soft touch massage (if I can even call it a massage) & she explained that kids with autism have more pressure than the typical kid in their brain and she worked on other areas as well.  But what she was doing, supposedly released the pressure.  All I know is that Eli let this lady touch him for an hour.  And I believe he felt his body doing something different & new it was a good thing to keep letting her touch him.  Let me stress--touch him for an hour.  But the best part, even though I already was feeling like this was a good thing for him during the appointment, was when she finished, he said, "thanks."  It was amazing.  I have no idea how he knew she was done but still just the fact that he said, "thanks," gives me enough reason to keep going for awhile longer.  And I asked him at least twice on the way home, "did you like what she did? or did it feel good?" and he said, "yes."  For a kid that you don't get a lot of answers from and a random thanks--I liked craniosacral therapy & am looking forward to our next appointment.  Will he remember?  Will he be excited?  Or will he still be a little hesitant?  I will let you know how it goes.

I wanted to show proof that he jumps!

And his little sister loves to jump as well!

Need a better camera-someday!!  

Hope you guys have a great week!! And I fixed it so anybody can comment, you don't have to be a subscriber.  I really am blog-handicap, so if there's anything else I need to do to make something better--please share.
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today I took Eli to his Occupational Therapy Evaluation.  I admit I don't completely understand what occupational therapy does, although today I learned more.  But going through the questions and talking with the therapist I felt this will be a great start to the new year & helping him on his way.

The first paper I filled out--I just wanted to cry with all the questions I answered no to, but was wishing I could say yes.  I wanted to let you know a little more about how Eli is developmentally behind by what I said answered no to.

By three years old did your child:
-speak clearly so that others understand him
-follow two-step directions
-engage in imaginative play
-achieve toilet training

By four years old did your child:
-tell a story, mixing real and unreal.
-use language for fantasy, jokes, & teasing.
-engage in role play pretending to be others (spiderman)
-dress self  ****he almost can now****
-button clothing
-hop on one foot

These were all the ones I answered no to, I was able to answer yes to some of the "By three years old...", but answered no to all the "four years old."  Eli turned four in late August.  And oh how I long to hear my boy make up a story, tell a joke, or tease his mother.  And I sure hope someday he will.

 I shouldn't say he doesn't tease me--because he sure does by running around the house with something I need or throwing clean clothes behind the bed.  But I can't wait for him to use language while teasing!

We are keeping up with the diet & it's ok.  The biggest notice is him not waking up in the middle of the night, saying "stomach" while holding it in pain crying.  So our sleep is getting SO much better & if that's the only major difference in the diet--then that's good enough for me.  I love my sleep--just like any ordinary mother does & Eli isn't in pain (thank goodness).

Enjoy the New Year!! I hope the holidays were fun for everyone.  Eli got accepted into a program that I will find out more information about soon & am SO excited about it.  I will give more details as I find them out though.