Sunday, February 24, 2013

Potty Trained?

I sure hope so!  So I was waiting until February 21st, when I could say it has been 2 months since Eli has had an accident & feel that he was OFFICIALLY potty trained.  But of course last saturday the 16th, Eli had an accident.  But it was ALL my fault.  Chad & I were unloading a swing set we just purchased while the kids were playing inside.  And they were both in Eli's room and his door on the inside has a kid proof lock & they had closed the door--so while we were outside for a good amount of time, Eli had an accident because he was locked inside his room & I couldn't hear him!!  (I know I am horrible--and this stuff probably never happens to anyone else!!)

I felt so bad getting him from his room, because he knows now that he shouldn't pee his pants-so he was embarrassed.  But I told him it was all mom's fault & you did your best trying to yell for me!  And no worries, it won't happen again & gave him a HUGE hug.

Just so you know, we started potty training him May of last year.  He was 3 1/2 years old & most boys are ready by 3 or earlier AND don't almost take a year once training starts.  Personally I felt that he still wasn't ready, but didn't want him to start another year of preschool with other kids potty trained & him wearing a diaper at the age of 4--I was afraid of what other kids would say.  And luckily him peeing was pretty simple, he obviously still had accidents as we got started but by the time school started in August--the only accidents he was having was going number 2.  Can I call it number 2?  I like that better than saying the other word. ;)  But after a LONG road of ups and downs & his last number 2 accident at a Christmas party--(which was my fault because I should of took him potty before leaving him at the party)--anyhow, he now tells me when he needs to go potty & it is SO SO SO nice.  I remember Chad saying sometime last year, "you know if someone told me, Eli will be potty trained by May--I would be very happy."  I thought, you got to be kidding me, a year for him to be potty trained!!  Well it's almost May--but even better it's a little earlier than May.

One thing about Eli, with lack of communication it is hard to know what he understands.  Which made this process hard--and he had to learn to communicate with me about his need to go potty.  But now he says, "potty!" & likes the door closed behind him with no one to bother him.  He is getting bigger each day & I would say he is behind about 2 1/2 years in some cognitive development areas--I just hope I can keep him learning & developing so that gap doesn't widen even more.

Well he is potty trained by February!!  3 months earlier than hoped--well that's what I think.  What are your thoughts?  Can I count him as potty trained?!  Because his last accident was my fault?!  Be honest.

This boy just might cry if you vote NO to him being potty trained!
Or I may ;).

Enjoy your night!  Feel free to share your opinion or any thoughts you may have--all comments have been helpful or a much needed boost.



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