About Us

My name is Katie & I feel like I am a "young" mother of two little ones & have not figured out how to be anywhere near perfect in this mothering act--nor do I think I ever will.  I am a loving wife, at least I like to think so--who absolutely loves to go on dates with my husband Chad.  My oldest Eli now 4 years old was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (which is on the autism spectrum) at the age of 3, but not until recently has it hit me that this diagnose is true and gave me the jumpstart on this blog to keep it updated with how I am helping him increase in language, learning, and social skills by trying different diets (gluten-free now) & therapies.  Eli is a sweet boy, the day he was born was literally the happiest day of my life.  He was born 8 lbs even & perfectly healthy.  I had no idea what autism was at the time & those first years I really thought my boy would be able to enjoy & do those things all typical kids can do.  I still have hope for his future & want to do all I can to make his future as bright as possible.  Eli loves cars, movies, books, wrestling, giving mom & dad hugs, being chased & the library.  I have a little girl Charlotte & she is growing up quick & advancing in ways I didn't know possible.  She was a big reason I came to the realization of Eli's diagnosis.  She & Eli are buddies on their good days--and seeing the two interact makes my day.  I love my family with all my heart & hope you enjoy the journey of Eli and his autism.