Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A sentence here & there..

I love when Eli says a random sentence--hardly ever happens.  I really can't think of the last time it did. But tonight it happened, so I had to post quickly.  Chad was 'pretend' wrestling me--Eli always comes and saves his mom--SO CUTE.  But as he came to save me from dad, we could clearly hear him say, "Don't touch mom!"
Loved it & I love him.  Progress little by little.  Oh and he jumped again!  So he knows what he is doing--but he doesn't do it for very long.  Maybe he doesn't enjoy it...but at least he is capable, right?


Sunday, December 9, 2012

He jumped!!

I wish I had a picture. I bought a small trampoline a year and a half ago in hopes that with practice he would learn how to jump. It has a bar for him to hold on--making it easy to learn. Or so I thought. But he hasn't been able to jump until tonight--before he would do one leg at a time like he's running on the trampoline in place.
And it has always helped when kids are around for him to have a desire to get on and jump--and tonight his cousins were over. The girl his age & the other that will be turning 3 soon were jumping high:) & I think Eli was watching. And the next time it was his turn--he jumped! It didn't last long, probably didn't help that chad and I were clapping and so excited. It brought tears to my eyes. (And chad said it did the same for him.) I've been wanting him to jump forever!!
I have no idea why he hasn't been able to jump. He still hasn't learned how to ride a tricycle & I am hoping by the summer he & his little sister can learn. Those are the big two motor skills that I have noticed that he hasn't mastered. Jumping & Tricycle. Hopefully I can get him on the trampoline to keep practicing the new skill.

I eventually want to post how behind he is--so I can keep track of his progress better. But today he jumped!! And the diet is going well--but it isn't easy. He is actually eating a lot more food but its still a lot of the same things. I believe the gluten free diet has helped his stomach a ton. He has always been a bad sleeper & a year ago he'd wake up in pain and I thought it was growing pains. But he wouldn't take medicine so I'd hold him and rub his legs til he went back to bed. But the last 4 months he has woken up in pain saying, "stomach."  And although still wakes up every now and then (need to try a weighted blanket)--he doesn't cry about his stomach! Which means no more pain & it stopped as soon as we did gluten free strictly.

Alright--this is too much to read. I always stop reading someone's blog when it gets too long. I thought I'd post more often & I want to--but end up doing something else.
Thanks for reading!