Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Updates in progress & a reminder for Eli someday.

Eli is doing so well at school--I wanted to finally document some of the progress he has made before it's old news!
Eli is TRACING!! This is EPIC :) & can now recognize most numbers 1-10.  He wasn't tracing this summer & numbers was beyond him until recently.  I am one happy mama.

Eli has never loved coloring but now he is at least trying to stay in the lines!  Where before he never even tried to just stay in the lines.  I am AMAZED at his effort.  He is trying hard & I love him so much for it!

YouTube Video of Eli :) Counting from 1 to 25!!  For the longest--longest time he was only counting to 10.  Now he can count to 25.  Enjoy!!  

Eli is doing so good & working hard at it.  Love his progress SO MUCH!! LOVE him even more!!

This is the first year Eli is excited for Halloween and I can tell that he knows what he is talking about!!  We have mentioned trick-or-treating & that night all we heard from him was, "I want to go trick-or-treating!!"  Then I asked him what he wants to be for Halloween & he has told me, "green monster!"  So I am DIY a Mike Wawoski (totally slaughtered his last name..), but I have showed him the costume & he says he is dressing up.  So cross your fingers all my time and effort isn't worth nothing or else Charlotte gets to be a green monster next year!  So I will keep you updated on how Halloween goes this year.  Hope you enjoy your Halloween!!

With love, Katie

This next part is a message for Eli!  When I have printed this blog into a book :) & it's his!  Thanks for cheering my boy on & me.  I appreciate it.

Eli, I was reading an article about autism & it gave great advice that I had to keep note of for you to read someday. It's called, What's Right With The Autistic Mind, By Temple Grandin & Richard Panek.
It is true that as a society we focus on the deficits of autism & I as your mother let these deficits worry me & tend to focus on them more than I should. I am going to do better & hope that when your old you will know I have loved you for who you are, for your strengths & weaknesses, & have done what I can to help your weaknesses become strengths.
And now I want to quote from this article, a message for you:
"I'm certainly not saying we shouldn't work on deficits. But the focus on deficits is so intense and so automatic that people lose sight of the strengths...... For me, autism is secondary. My primary identity is as an expert on livestock. Autism is part of who I am, but I won't allow it to define me. Some peoples difficulties are simply too severe for them to ever have the same opportunities I have. But for so many people on the spectrum, identifying their strengths can change their lives.  Instead of only accommodating their deficits, they can cultivate their dreams."

So Eli, let's focus on your strengths. Life can be tough--but don't focus on the negative. See the positive, see the potential in your strengths & go for your dream!  I love you buddy & will always be here cheering you on.

Love your mother.  XOXO.


  1. Katie, you are the cutest momma! I am so happy Eli is making such good progress, he is such a fun and sweet boy!