Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I know

I read something just barely--that I needed to hear, that I will share in just a minute.  Lately, I've been thinking there is no way Eli will be ready for kindergarten next year.  Don't get me wrong, he is making a TON of improvements but he is starting from pretty much ground zero I feel like.  Every time we do his homework I just think, there is no way he will be doing this in a year because he doesn't understand most of it.  So I've been a little bummed when I would think about it.

Anyhow, before I continue..  Regarding my post about, "A Friend" the girl is still saving him a spot before class, during circle time & asking him to play during recess.  The other day we walked in & she gave him a big hug!  Her mom says she wants to do a play date & Eli is one of the reasons her daughter is excited about school!!  (Why do I worry?!)  FYI, Chad didn't agree with that last post.  Eli & friends is something Chad doesn't worry about with him.  And that last post was me just being a worrier, which most moms are good at--so I am sorry!

And another progress update: Eli is no good at sharing, anyone who has had their kid play with Eli knows this to be a FACT.  But today the therapist told me Eli did great playing with a few kids & a dollhouse.  A kid would ask for something Eli had & he would share it.  AMAZING.  I almost cried tears, my little boy is getting it.  Slowly but surely.

K back to what I read & needed to hear & wanted to share.

"..hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes."
                                                                                                        -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I don't know what Eli's future is going to bring.  Maybe he will be ready for kindergarten next year, maybe not.  I think it's OK for me to hope that he will be ready & do all I can do to help make that happen.  But because I don't know, I need to remember the things I do know.

Random photo: 4th of July--Eli enjoying the fireworks.
And this is what I know:

1. Eli is a child of God.
2. Heavenly Father loves Eli more than I do.
3. Heavenly Father knows Eli better than I do.
4. Heavenly Father gave Eli this struggle for a purpose.  (And me this struggle for a purpose.)
5. I was given Eli to love, nurture, teach, & help him reach his potential--& am capable of this.
And last but not least.
6. Heavenly Father hears my prayers & answers them.  (Not always how I expect them to be answered---BUT because He loves me & Eli & has a plan for us, I know He knows best.)

I LOVE what I know.  It makes me not stress so much about the future, about things I can't do anything about right now.  We are getting Eli the help he needs & doing what we can for him.  Everything is going to be OK.  I LOVE IT.  Heavenly Father has our backs, if we just let Him.

Remind me of this post--if I get a little down. ;)



  1. You are such a loving, capable person.

  2. Sometimes we do need to be reminded of what we already learned! I love you Katie, your such a good example!