Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eli & his sentences!

Eli is now putting three words together for sentences!! I LOVE it!!  I know that it's because of his ABA training, the one on one help he gets for three hours a day.  Because they were working on, "I want...", he now says it ALL the time for things he wants.  Chad & I couldn't be happier.  Plus he started saying other sentences!  When he grabs a hold of Chads leg, he says, "I got leg!" And the other day he went to grab himself a fork, & as he was coming back to the table he said, "I got fork!"

Then just yesterday--we have the sweetest neighbors & Dale came over & brought Eli a package of Goldfish.  It was so cute, Eli couldn't be happier!  After giving Dale a hug & saying thanks he brought the package to me.  He first said, "I want fish!" Then he said, "I need help!"  To open the package.  I was stoked!  Usually when he asks for help, he will only say, "help!"  But I think he is starting to understand how to use more words for the things he needs.  I am in love.  Seriously.

He is making a lot of progress.  His teacher sent home a note saying that Eli sang the words to the song, "Pete the cod" & "I love my red shoes."  She said it was so cute & she wishes she could of recorded it! With his ABA training he is also learning, "If you're happy & you know it" & "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes."  I don't know how many times I have tried to get him to do "Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" with me but to no avail.  And now he sings all the words--he isn't fast yet but he knows what to do!

I am so excited for Eli's future.  I feel bad when I share moments of discouragement, I am sorry.  Especially to those moms who have special needs kids, who aren't going to get better in different aspects of life such as physical or cognitive.  My heart goes out to moms of special needs kids.  It's crazy how everyone has a different trial & I hope whichever yours is, it only makes you stronger, resilient, & grateful for the life you have.  And if you don't have a trial right now, count your many blessings!

We just went on a trip to St. George & the kids had a blast!  It was funny because Chad & I came home exhausted--it made me remember the camping trips my parents took us on & it was really for us kids--not my mom & dad.  It's crazy what parents do for their little ones, to help them explore life, give them fond memories & hope with all their heart they grow up well.  Any--who-- here are some photos from the trip!

Swimming everyday--Eli did so well with his floaty's & would say, "swims!" for swimming.  I didn't have a fun picture of him but you get the point.  I think he is ready for swimming lessons this year...  Last time was awful.

Sand Hollow, rode the four wheeler.  It was hot, but at least he will wear his helmet!

Eli was a determined hiker.  So focused.  We were proud.  I think we need to teach him how to rock climb this summer.

There he was at the top!

Eli did so well crossing this path at the park--but after doing it once he didn't stop.  He kept going up the stairs to get to this path, then went down the slide--then back up the stairs.  I think it might be an autism thing--but this boy LOVES sticking to routine & what he is familiar with!

And I wanted to let people know--although Occupational Therapy wasn't for Eli at this time, I still believe it to be great for kids with autism.  But with his therapist leaving & them not having one for us until they hired someone else, plus ABA therapy giving him 15 hours a week, I just didn't feel it worth our time right now.

Hope you enjoy your Wednesday!


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  1. I'm so glad Eli's is doing so well!!! You and Chad are great parents. I love your post today. It was very uplifting.