Sunday, December 9, 2012

He jumped!!

I wish I had a picture. I bought a small trampoline a year and a half ago in hopes that with practice he would learn how to jump. It has a bar for him to hold on--making it easy to learn. Or so I thought. But he hasn't been able to jump until tonight--before he would do one leg at a time like he's running on the trampoline in place.
And it has always helped when kids are around for him to have a desire to get on and jump--and tonight his cousins were over. The girl his age & the other that will be turning 3 soon were jumping high:) & I think Eli was watching. And the next time it was his turn--he jumped! It didn't last long, probably didn't help that chad and I were clapping and so excited. It brought tears to my eyes. (And chad said it did the same for him.) I've been wanting him to jump forever!!
I have no idea why he hasn't been able to jump. He still hasn't learned how to ride a tricycle & I am hoping by the summer he & his little sister can learn. Those are the big two motor skills that I have noticed that he hasn't mastered. Jumping & Tricycle. Hopefully I can get him on the trampoline to keep practicing the new skill.

I eventually want to post how behind he is--so I can keep track of his progress better. But today he jumped!! And the diet is going well--but it isn't easy. He is actually eating a lot more food but its still a lot of the same things. I believe the gluten free diet has helped his stomach a ton. He has always been a bad sleeper & a year ago he'd wake up in pain and I thought it was growing pains. But he wouldn't take medicine so I'd hold him and rub his legs til he went back to bed. But the last 4 months he has woken up in pain saying, "stomach."  And although still wakes up every now and then (need to try a weighted blanket)--he doesn't cry about his stomach! Which means no more pain & it stopped as soon as we did gluten free strictly.

Alright--this is too much to read. I always stop reading someone's blog when it gets too long. I thought I'd post more often & I want to--but end up doing something else.
Thanks for reading!


  1. hey Katie. This is Sarah Earl. I just started reading your blog and I love it. with both Brandon and Lucy Diagnosed with aspergers(High functioning autism) I get a lot of where you are coming from. Lucy has terrible sleeping and eating habits. she has problems with textures, they just gagg her and she either doesn't eat or she vomits. she is also on a dairy free diet. she used to get horrible stomach aches. she didn't sleep through the night once until last year. this is why I am commenting. I made Lucy a lycra sheet for her bed. it's like a pillow case for the mattress. you put a regular sheet on it, then the lycra one. Lucy sleeps in between the sheets. it is like being hugged all night. I also made her a body sock that hugged her all over. I'd be willing to make you the stuff too if you want. if you buy the fabric I'll make it for free. I just want to help any way I can.

    1. Sarah--
      You are SO sweet--you always have been and always will be. So I have never heard of lyrca sheets--but I just googled it and they would be worth trying. I have never bought lyrca before & will take you up on the offer. But I just saw them on etsy for $25 and will save you time, because you are one busy mother. If Eli likes the sheets I will have to then try the body sock.
      Thank you so much for your input & experience. I hope now Lucy is sleeping better and her eating habits get better. Sensory disorders are tough & I hope both are kids become better eaters!